Custom Half-Life Spray Tutorial:

1. Download this:

2. After it downloads extract the files and then double click on HlTagConverter.exe

3. Then click open image, find the one you want, and then click open.

4. Now click on adjust image, and then click "Apply changes and convert to 256 colors"

5. Then click save tag, then check the box that says export to wad file and save it to your desktop as tempdecal

6. Now exit hltagcoverter and right click on the wad file, now hit properties in the "general" tab find attributes and check the "read only" box, then hit okay.

7. Now all you have to do is put it in your cstrike, ns or dod folder (How To find Your cstrike, ns, or dod folder)

8. Now go ingame and test it!

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